Save Au Pairs is a campaign to save the Au Pair programme in the UK

We need YOUR help to ensure Au Pairs can continue to come to Britain and British Au Pairs can go to Europe after Brexit! 

Au Pairing between the UK and EU is under severe threat from Brexit, which could spell an end to the ability of Au Pairs from the EU to join families in the UK, and an end to UK young people joining families in the EU.

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Save au pairing in the UK

 AU PAIRING between the UK and EU is under severe threat from the uncertainty of Brexit, which could spell an end to au pairs from the EU joining families in the UK, and an end to UK young people joining families in the EU.

Au pairing is a unique form of cultural exchange for young people that is neither work nor holiday, and where visits last much longer than typical holidays. It therefore requires clear provision in immigration law for suitable rights that are different to work or holiday visas. These rights existed for 30 years before the UK joined the Common Market and will need to exist again after the UK leaves the EU. However, at present there seem to be NO PLANS for such arrangements in any Brexit proposals.

As a result, Europe’s oldest, simplest and most effective cultural exchange programme between the UK and EU countries could simply come to a halt.

This would mean an end to the mutually beneficial exchange that takes place between a young person and a family with children. An end to the tradition where a young person joins a family as a temporary family member, providing help with childcare and family activities in exchange for a secure place in the family and for pocket money. An end to the programme of individual learning (particularly of the host country language) and mutual cultural exchange.

It would also be a catastrophe for thousands of hard working families, as they struggle to adjust their work and living arrangements, and a hit on the productivity of UK plc.

This valuable experience needs to be protected, to give young people and families a clear and secure basis on which to continue to enjoy the benefits of au pairing.

We call on Theresa May, David Davis and UK negotiators, and on Jean-Claude Juncker, Michel Barnier and all EU Heads of State, to make clear and unambiguous arrangements that ensure the door stays open for young people throughout the EU to make extended visits to the UK and for UK young people to make extended visits to the EU for the once-in-a-lifetime experience of au pairing 

Save Europe’s oldest existing cultural exchange programme for the sake of young people and families.


Care about cultural exchange or affordable childcare?

What do we need to save?

Au Pair Childcare

Thousands of British families depend on this form of cultural exchange, which is based around childcare, to enable them to to work. Au Pairs most commonly live with families with school aged children, where they are instrumental in managing family life. Au Pairs will take children to school and collect them again later. They also take children to their afternoon activities and many will even  prepare a simple meal for the children. This enables parents to work, which supports not only the family, but underpins the UK economy

Exploring Europe through Cultural Exchange

We have learned over the years that the world is a better place if we understand one another. Travel, meeting other people, experiencing different cultures and learning to speak their language makes people more tolerant and accepting of each other and of their different ways. 

This understanding renders us and future generations more capable of creating dialogue and collaborative working, as opposed to disagreements, wars and walls! 

Differences of opinion is a guarantee, it is how we deal with these that makes the world of difference.

Cultural Exchange

The Au Pair Programme is one of the safest and most inexpensive ways by which a young person can travel, learn another language and truly experience the authentic culture of a country. 

For many years after an au pair placement ends the au pair will continue to be an unofficial ambassador for that country, and will always seek to build bridges before building walls.

Au Pair comments


…recommend everybody to do it……best experience of my life…..enjoy what we do……fun experience…

Au Pair Yoli


"They are my family abroad"


Maggie Dyer , BAPAA PR spokesperson

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Save Au Pairs is a campaign to save the Au Pair programme in the UK.

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