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Rosella Au pair in London

Being an au-pair has been a life changing experience for me and I will jealously cherish all the memories I have made through this incredible journey.
Three years ago I had no idea of what the world had to offer, besides my English level was not that good and I couldn't afford to pay a thousand euros course.  I wanted to move out from my Country, challenge myself and meet a new culture but do all of this on my own would have not been possible as I was 19 and I didn't know anyone in London and that's when I decided to become an au-pair. While writing this email I'm sitting next to my host mum, dad and kid, they are the most amazing people I've ever met and I feel so lucky that I got to know them, I consider them my second family and thinking that I' m going to leave them within three months, after 3 incredible years together, is heartbreaking. The kids I have been looking after are actually the best bit of my whole experience and I am sure they will be part of my life like I'll be in theirs forever.
In my opinion be an au-pair is a golden opportunity, it changes the way you see the world, the people and the way they see you, it makes you grow and gain more maturity and sense of responsibility.
I am sorry to understand that because of the Brexit someone else may not be as lucky as I was in 2015 but I truly hope that this programme will continue without any issue as I think that everyone deserves to experience what I have. 

Rossella (London) 


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Audrey in England

A unique and amazing experience” 

Audrey tells her story as an Au Pair in England

In August 2008, I left Switzerland to go to England in Hampshire. I was living in Titchfield Common , a lovely area of Fareham. I was in a family with 2 children aged 11 and 13 years old. Everything went really well, I was in a lovely family who were very open minded. They made me feel at home straight away, they even spoke to me in French sometimes if I didn’t understand. I made fast progress in English, thanks to the fact they always spoke to me in English unless I didn’t understand and because I could take English lessons. 

I was free on the weekends as well as during the day when the kids were at school. My host family provided me with a car to take the children to school but also so I could get to school and the shops.  My class was very international, with students coming from France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Poland and even further afield, China, Hong Kong and Asia. 

The school organised cultural activities for us about once a month. I got to visit Stonhenge, Salisbury Cahtedral, Bath, London and so many other places. 

If you are still hesitating about going abroad, I have only one thing to say, go for it !! It’s an amazing experience, you can meet people from all over the world – it’s an experience just like you, unique! I finished my placement in England a year ago and I’m still in touch with my host family and the friends I met during my wonderful adventure. I just wish I could return to see my host family again! What are you waiting for to live this wonderful experience! 

Une expérience unique et formidable - c'était pour Audrey son séjour en tant que jeune fille au pair en Angleterre.

En août 2008, je suis partie de Suisse pour aller en Angleterre, dans le

comté de l'Hampshire. J'ai habité dans la banlieue chic de Fareham, à

Titchfield Common. J'étais dans une famille avec deux enfants de 11 et 13

ans. Tout s'est toujours très bien passé, j'ai eu une famille très à

l'écoute et ouverte d'esprit. Ils m'ont tout de suite mise à l'aise et me

parlaient des fois en français si je ne comprenais pas ce qu'ils me

disaient. J'ai fait de rapides progrès dans leur famille, notamment grâce au

fait qu'ils ne parlaient qu'en français quand je ne comprenais pas et grâce

aux cours d'anglais que j'ai suivi dans une école.

J'avais le weekend de libre, ainsi que la journée quand les enfants étaient

à l'école. Ma famille d'accueil m'avait mis à disposition une voiture pour

emmener les enfants à l'école et pour mes déplacements pour l'école ou pour

aller faire les magasins. A l'école, notre classe était internationale. Les

étudiants venaient principalement d'Europe (France, Suisse, Allemagne,

Autriche, Pologne), mais également d'Asie, surtout de Chine et de Hong Kong.

L'école proposait à ses étudiants étrangers des sorties culturelles (environ

une fois par mois) dans des lieux connus de l'Angleterre. J'ai ainsi pu aller

voir Stonehenge entre autres, la Cathédrale de Salisbury, Bath, Londres, et

tant d'autres.

Si des jeunes hésitent encore à partir à l'étranger pour apprendre une

langue, je n'aurai qu'un conseil à donner : allez-y ! C'est une expérience

formidable, on rencontre des gens qui viennent de partout dans le monde et

c'est une expérience qui sera comme vous : unique! Cela fait un an que je suis rentrée d'Angleterre et j'ai toujours contact avec ma famille d'accueil et avec les amis que j'ai rencontré durant cette belle aventure. Je n'ai qu'une hâte : retourner rendre visite à ma famille là-bas. N'hésitez plus et lancez-vous aussi dans cette belle épopée !


Au Pair Iker

 ''I ironed for the first time when I was an Au Pair''  

Some comments as to why people signed the petition

S. Danielzig

I used to work as an Au Pair and summer Au Pair in the UK in my early twenties and even though it was sometimes difficult because not all host families were fair and open, I still enjoyed the experience very much. My Au Pair year encouraged me to study English at university level and my positive experiences with more interested and open-minded host families also led to the decision to host Au Pairs myself. By now we have hosted girls from 9 different countries, which on the whole has been a great experience for our whole family. We are still in touch with most of the girls and our first girl will have her first baby this spring. It would honestly be a shame to close down the UK Au Pair program as it offers great opportunities for both sides.

Z Gall

Reason for signing

We have had 6 au pairs over the last 6 years. They have become great friends, have all learnt perfect English, and the childcare they have provided allowed my husband and I to both continue working full time as hospital doctors. This is an excellent childcare solution which also allows young people from different countries an experience of living in a British family. It must be allowed to continue.

J. Neubauer

I was an Aupair in the UK for a year myself and everybody should get this amazing opportunity! I've learned a lot and loads of familys really need an Aupair.

D. Maginnis

It's a great opportunity for a young person to learn English and understand another culture in a safe family environment

C. Zuiderduin

Au pairs provide a really unique kind of service- very flexible, reasonably priced- that just is not available using any other form of childcare. Do not further limit our options!!

R. Eldridge

Reason for signing

As a child in Yorkshire my mother was helped by au pairs who taught us a lot about their countries and we stayed in touch them for many years.  When my own children were small in London we also had au pairs helping with them and we in turn taught them a great deal about the British way of life and it helped hugely with their English language skills.  I was an au pair in Paris in the 1970s and it helped my French language skills hugely.  It is a wonderful language and cultural programme with so many benefits to both the au pair and the family and it would be such a catastrophe for so many.