A family's story

''We were their family'' 

Growing up with an Au Pair

 ''I was very excited about the idea of having someone new living with us''  

Host family

When my children were small and I was working full time I had au pairs for years and they were wonderful.  Even visited one in Denmark and stayed with her and was I touch with several for many years.  Also had from the Danish Club which is long gone.  I was even visited by one with husband and baby.  



We have had 5 fantastic au pairs. They became part of the family and we really enjoyed our five year au pair adventure. We are still in touch with all of them and now our kids are directly too via WhatsApp! They were great for our kids - like having a fun older sister around. It would be a real shame if this programme stopped. 




I have recently become a single full time working mum due to some unfortunate circumstances.  My initial concern when this happened, was how I would find the best childcare,  while I continued to work and provide for my children.  I discovered Anne’s agency and I have to say my first experience with the whole process has been truly amazing, from dealing with the agency through to finding and living with an Au Pair.  My Au Pair is wonderful.  Caring towards the children, efficient in the home and supportive towards me.  My daughter even woke up the other day and said she doesn’t want her to leave and she will miss her very much.  I can’t stress enough how important having an Au Pair has been to me and the kids.  It is great for them to experience interaction with such a mature, caring person from a different culture.  It has had so many positive impacts on my children in such a difficult time and it has been lovely to see how something so great can come out of what was initially a set of difficult circumstances.

I would be completely lost without an Au Pair so I do hope that the VISAs can get approved as part of Brexit.

Part of the family

 ''I didn't really understand why she was leaving''  


I have had 3  au pair over the last 5 years.  Originally I was a single mum and having an au pair was the ONLY way I could maintain my full time job and my home.  Over the years, having an au pair has been of paramount importance not only for me but for my children who as they grown, need consistent care, a loving and kind person to guild, help and play with them.  All my au pairs have been a family member and even now I still am in touch with all of them, seeing them now grow careers and lives thanks to their time in the uk. 

This program has to be maintained as there are many families out there like me, that rely on this arrangement and many young people who need this experience to further their own ambitions and wishes.

Tracie (London)


​"​As a busy working Mum running my own business I couldn’t manage without an au pair​ and would not be able to do my job without this wonderful programme.​  We are now in our fifth year of having one and the experience has really been e a positive one – each year gets better. Many of the girls have kept in touch with us and we have treated them all as we would expect to be treated – you really do get what you put in!  As a host family you must play your part in helping the girls settle in, encourage them to meet friends and make them feel part of your family as well as providing them with clarity, structure and support (when they need it)

I recommend having an au pair to any family"